Great Barrington, MA GIS Data Reformatting and Online GIS Hosting

Great Barrington, MA recently contracted with CAI to reformat their existing digital data, provide ongoing maintenance of said data and provide online GIS data hosting . The reformatting of the Tax Map data will facilitate a more streamlined editing process for Tax Map updates and support hosting their municipal GIS data online.  Hosting of the Town’s GIS and Assessing data will be done using CAI’s AxisGIS service.

AxisGIS is an advanced but yet simple and easy to use web based GIS service accessible on any device using a common we browser.  AxisGIS was configured to make the Town’s GIS data layers and Patriot Assessment information available to staff and the public through a searchable interface. The AxisGIS platform is contracted in nearly 450 communities aiding departments such as Assessing, Code Enforcement, Engineering, Planning, Public Safety, Public Works and others to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.