Westbrook, ME MyGov Integration and ArcGIS Online Hub Site

As the City’s GIS Consultant, CAI Technologies provides Westbrook, ME with a wide range of GIS services.  Most recently CAI assisted the City with the implementation of their MyGov online permitting system and establishing an open data portal.


CAI’s online GIS service (AxisGIS) is updated nightly with Owner information from the City’s Vision Assessing database.  AxisGIS also contains the authoritative parcel layer which is regularly maintained by CAI.  Taking advantage of this setup, CAI configured a REST Service and parcel stacking technology in order to make current parcel and owner information available in the City’s ESRI ArcGIS Online (AGOL) account.  The MyGov application was then configured to access authoritative parcel and owner data from AGOL.  This setup allows for one single data source (AxisGIS) which is updated nightly, to support the GIS needs of multiple applications, eliminating the issues created when having to manage multiple data sets.


To meet the City’s need for having one place for residents and staff to access all of the City’s GIS data, maps and applications, CAI configured an AGOL Hub site. This site is regularly updated by CAI as new maps and applications are created.  The site includes not only Westbrook specific GIS data, maps and applications, but also links to other GIS resources that residents and staff may find useful.  https://maps-westbrookmaine.hub.arcgis.com/