Orange, MA GIS Technology Review and Implementation

Orange, MA in 2023 contracted with CAI Technologies to provide a GIS Technology Review.  This project included a review of the Town’s current GIS capabilities and provided recommendations for expanding the use of GIS technology to support the Town’s desire to improve data development, data management, visualization, and editing workflows.  This effort included researching the Town’s current use of WebGIS, reviewing its’ existing data storage and data maintenance workflows and gathering information on how GIS can be better utilized by key departments within the organization.


Following interviews held between CAI and Town department heads to review existing workflows and discuss how GIS can improve efficiency and effectiveness of data management and sharing of information, a formal GIS Technology Review report was submitted.  CAI now is beginning implementation of a custom GIS designed to benefit the Town and achieve the goals identified in the report.  Key components of this implementation include ESRI ArcGIS Online IGNITE and AxisGIS upgrade services, digitize and create new GIS Feature Layers, field GPS data collection and development of web maps and mobile applications.