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Eliot, ME Catch Basin Cleaning Dashboard

CAI recently completed configuration of an ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Dashboard for the Eliot, ME Public Works Department.  As required of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) communities, Eliot must report annually on the status of Catch Basin cleaning.  Using ESRI’s Collector for ArcGIS application Public Works staff inspect each Catch Basin and create related Inspection/Cleaning […]

Written by on 06/18/21

CAI Technologies Acquires MainStreetGIS

CAI Technologies (CAI) is pleased to announce its acquisition of MainStreetGIS, a municipal mapping company that has provided mapping services to Southern New England for more than two decades. This strategic acquisition further establishes CAI as the leader in municipal mapping and GIS services throughout New England. Originally founded in 1985, CAI has grown to […]

Written by on 05/19/21

Bucksport, ME Online GIS Service

Bucksport, ME has selected CAI to host the Town’s GIS data through our AxisGIS platform.   AxisGIS is a simple easy to use web based service accessible across all common web browsers and mobile devices.  The service will be configured to make the Town’s Trio assessment data including building photos and sketches available to the public […]

Written by on 05/08/21

Data Analysis Using GIS

CAI used geoprocessing tools in conjunction with State Addressing data and municipal Computer Aided Dispatch data to develop an application for analyzing Ambulance call volume.  The Emergency Services Department can display the data either as a heat map, or look at the individual calls for each ambulance over a three year period.  The resulting data […]

Written by on 04/17/21

York, ME Online GIS Services

York, ME has hired CAI to host the Town’s GIS data using our AxisGIS platform. AxisGIS is an advanced but yet simple and easy to use web based GIS service accessible on any device using a common web browser.  Contracted in nearly 400 communities AxisGIS aids departments such as Assessing, Code Enforcement, Planning, Public Safety, […]

Written by on 03/31/21

Brattleboro, VT ArcGIS Online IGNITE Service

Brattleboro, VT contracts ArcGIS Online (AGOL) IGNITE Services with CAI Technologies.   The IGNITE Service includes set up/branding of their AGOL account, introductory training, and support for loading/organizing data in AGOL.  With AGOL set up, CAI shall configure a web map containing their Sewer, Water and Drainage data layers.  These data will be accessible to staff […]

Written by on 03/05/21