Brighton, VT Data Model Conversion and Online GIS Hosting

Brighton, VT contracted with CAI to migrate their data into our standardized geodatabase maintenance data model.  Having the GIS parcel data in the CAI maintenance data model allows CAI staff to perform maintenance more efficiently and ensure data quality.  Once migrated CAI updated the GIS data using plans provided by the Town.  Once up to date, CAI prepared new PDF and hard copy Tax Maps for the Town.  Going forward CAI shall maintain the data regularly using plans submitted by the Town and then once annually produce new updated hard copy Tax Maps.  Following the conversion, CAI setup and configured AxisGIS for the Town.  AxisGIS is an easy to use yet powerful online mapping service developed/hosted by CAI and is currently contracted in over 500 communities.  AxisGIS will make the Town’s map/GIS layers and MicroSolve Assessment data available to Staff and the public through a powerful and searchable mapping interface.