Montville, CT Water Pollution Control Authority GIS Implementation

Montville, CT Water Pollution Control Authority has hired CAI Technologies to set up and configure their GIS. Initially CAI will review their existing sewer and water system maps/data as well as the Authorities in-house mapping capabilities. Recommendations will be made by CAI on how to best move forward in order to establish a fully comprehensive and accurate GIS utility layer for both sewer and water. CAI will be taking advantage of the Town’s existing AxisGIS service to make data accessible to the Authority through a Staff access site as well as our AxisGIS Editor Service and ESRI’s Collector for ArcGIS to edit existing feature and map new ones both in the office and in the field. Once all systems are in place, ArcGIS Online applications will be configured to allow the Authority to perform/track inspections and other services performed on their systems.