Greenburgh, NY Water and Sewer System GIS Consulting

Greenburgh, NY recently hired CAI to provide GIS Consulting Services to their Water and Sewer Departments.  GIS data exists for both the water and sewer systems, however it is not up to date nor as accurate as the Town needs.  Taking advantage of the AxisGIS Editor Service already used by Engineering for maintaining the Town’s Street Sign inventory, CAI gathered all existing GIS data for water and sewer and loaded it into the Editor Service.

The Town purchased two Trimble R2 GPS units to aid in improving the accuracy of their systems data.  CAI configured a web map in the Town’s ArcGIS Online account for use with the Field Maps for ArcGIS app and setup the Trimble GPS receivers.  On-site training was then provided to Water and Sewer staff showing them how to collect new features and edit existing data in the field using Field Maps for ArcGIS and in the office using AxisGIS Editor.