East Bridgewater, MA Water Utility System Mapping

East Bridgewater, MA has hired CAI to perform GPS data collection and mapping for their 110 miles of public water system.  CAI staff accompanied by Town staff, shall perform sub foot accuracy GPS data collection of the systems features.  As point features such as hydrants, manholes, valves etc. are collected, the connecting pipes will be mapped and attributed with available information such as diameter and pipe material.  With the system mapped, the data shall be loaded into the Town’s ArcGIS Online (AGOL) account.  Select Staff will be able to edit the data using the Field Maps for ArcGIS application and others will have viewing capabilities through a secure login in the Town’s AxisGIS service hosted by CAI.  The AGOL hosted feature layer will also be made available via a REST service for consumption within the Town’s Asset Management software. https://next.axisgis.com/East_BridgewaterMA/