Sandisfield, MA AxisGIS – Assessing Dynamic Map Layers and Editor Service

Sandisfield, MA contracts with CAI Technologies to create Assessing related data layers as well as configure AxisGIS Editor and ArcGIS Field Maps for the Highway Department.  Taking advantage of the Assessing data in AxisGIS that is regularly updated by the Town, CAI configured dynamic data layers to display Sales, Sales Ratios, Neighborhood Codes, House Age, Land Use Codes and Chapter Lands.  Because the data layers are “dynamic”, they will automatically update as revised Assessing data is uploaded to AxisGIS.

AxisGIS Editor and ArcGIS Field Maps are being configured so that the Highway Department can map Hydrants and Stormwater features.  CAI will be configuring these applications, as well as their newly purchased Trimble GPS unit.  Once everything is set up, CAI shall provide training so that Town staff can begin data collection and mapping.