Montville, CT Water Pollution Control Authority Water System Mapping

Montville, CT Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) hires CAI to perform GPS data collection and mapping for their 18 miles of public water system.  CAI staff accompanied by WPCA staff, performed sub foot accuracy GPS data collection of the systems features.  As point features such as hydrants, manholes, valves etc. were collected, the connecting pipes were mapped and attributed with available information such as diameter and pipe material.  With the system mapped, the data was loaded into the AxisGIS Editor service that CAI hosts for the WPCA and which already contained their sewer system GIS data.  WPCA staff now have the ability to maintain the GIS data using AxisGIS Editor and ArcGIS Field Maps.

In addition to the system mapping, CAI also linked the WPCA’s water service billing database to the GIS.  A point layer for each account was generated using account address.  Each point contains a link to a scanned copy of their water service connection tie card as well as attributes containing account information.  Using a Data Processor configured by CAI, WPCA staff has the ability to regularly update the account information attributes.