Little Compton, RI GIS Implementation

Little Compton, RI following a competitive RFP bid process selected CAI Technologies to provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Management services.  The project consisted digitizing of their Tax Maps into ESRI geodatabase format, implementing our AxisGIS online platform and a departmental GIS Needs Assessment.  Spatial accuracy of the Town’s parcel data was controlled by aligning it with the most currently available RIGIS 1:5000 scale orthoimagery.  Following the conversion of the parcel data, CAI setup and configured AxisGIS for the Town.  AxisGIS is an easy to use yet powerful online mapping service developed/hosted by CAI and is currently contracted in nearly 400 communities.  AxisGIS will make the Town’s map/GIS layers and Vision Assessment data available to Staff and the public through a searchable mapping interface.

Following the deployment of the AxisGIS service, CAI provided staff training and conducted a GIS Needs Assessment.  Following the department interviews conducted during the Needs Assessment, CAI provided the Town with implementation recommendations.  One immediate need identified was for the Assessor’s Office to be able to see visually on a map information from their Vision CAMA database.  To support this need, CAI developed dynamic layers in the Town’s AxisGIS Staff site to display Neighborhood Codes, Conditional Factors and Land Use Codes.