Vinalhaven, ME Record Research Mapping Project and Online GIS Hosting

Vinalhaven, ME has selected CAI Technologies to perform a Town wide parcel remapping project. CAI shall perform record research and recompile each of the Town’s parcels using the most recent deed or survey plan available. New spring ’24 aerial photography shall be collected and a 100 scale planimetric base map and 6” ortho imagery created to support the parcel remapping.  Once the new Tax Maps are produced CAI staff will be available to meet with residents to review the new maps for accuracy.  Upon completion of the mapping project CAI shall configure and host for the Town our online AxisGIS Service.  In addition to the new parcel layer linked with Assessor CAMA data, all other supporting base map layers and scanned copies of the survey plans used for mapping the parcels shall be loaded into AxisGIS.