Sanford Sewerage District CCTV Video Linking

The Sanford Sewerage District contracted with CAI to link CCTV sewer inspection videos to their sewer pipe data maintained in ArcGIS Online (AGOL). The Districts authoritative data resides in AGOL and is accessed daily in the field using Collector for ArcGIS and in the office using an AGOL Web App. In addition to being able to query and edit their GIS data, the District wanted the ability to view CCTV inspection videos in the field without needing access to software only available in their CCTV van. Furthermore, due to storage capacity on the van’s computer only recent videos are accessible. CAI periodically downloads the CCTV inspection database and gleans it to programmatically create sewer service lateral lines from the inspection data. Using data available in the inspection database export, CAI configured a hyperlink in the AGOL sewer pipe ‘Pop Up’ allowing crews to access all inspection videos and PDF reports being hosted on an Amazon Web Service.