Newry, ME GIS Conversion and Online Hosting

Newry, ME hires CAI to complete a digital conversion of their Tax Maps and host GIS data online.  The Town’s existing Tax Maps were digitized in ESRI geodatabase format.  All lines and text existing on the current maps were digitized to overlay the most currently available orthoimagery.  The parcel data was updated current to 4/1/21 and linked with the Town’s Assessment database.  In order to produce new PDF and hard copy Tax Maps, CAI configured an ESRI Data Driven Pages map document file.

Upon completion of the conversion, CAI setup and configured our AxisGIS service to host all of the Towns GIS and assessment data online.  AxisGIS is a simple easy to use web based service accessible across all common web browsers and mobile devices.  This service makes the Town’s Trio assessment data including building photos and sketches available to the public through a searchable interface.   A Data Processor utility was installed on a Town computer so that Staff can upload revised Trio data on a regular basis.  CAI’s online GIS services are contracted in nearly 400 communities.  As a result, departments such as Assessing, Code Enforcement, Planning, Public Safety, Public Works and others can perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently.