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geospatial solutions, GIS platform, Esri ArcGIS ServerCAI Technologies’ AxisGIS is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) GIS platform. AxisGIS helps communities distribute their local government information allowing users to query, browse, report, and print maps on their own. The platform also allows users to share geospatial content and access information from browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. This easy-to-use online GIS platform supports a variety of municipal functions, provides a platform for police and school collaboration, and creates a connection between local government, businesses, and organizations.

The front end interface of AxisGIS is developed using JavaScript, HTML5 and utilizes state-of-the art Esri ArcGIS Server technology. These technologies allow our team rapid deployment of the most advanced cloud based GIS solutions to clients. This proprietary platform is scalable - allowing it to fit your organization’s specific needs. As your needs grow and change, AxisGIS is configurable to keep pace with those needs.

Significant advantages to AxisGIS are:

  • No upfront hardware or software purchase and maintenance costs.
  • Outstanding Server performance, stability, and security.
  • No network and software administration.
  • Local control of database (CAMA, permit, licensing, etc.) updates.
  • Secure staff sites for sharing specific datasets within your organization.
  • Fully integrated Esri base map services.
  • Staff-specific document upload/management tools.
  • Responsive design supports browser based desktop, tablet and phone access.
  • Dynamic map legends included on your custom map prints.
  • Configuration options with your ArcGIS Online account or ArcServer licensing.
  • CAI Technologies supports ongoing development using ArcGIS Server.

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