What's New?

April 14, 2017:

AxisGIS Editor

CAI is pleased to introduce AxisGIS Editor. This new service functions as an add-on to the AxisGIS online platform now contracted in over 250 communities. AxisGIS Editor is a powerful, yet simple to use, set of GIS tools for users to create, edit, query and share geographic content. As an add-on to AxisGIS users have the benefit of developing and sharing GIS data in a secure map service to both internal staff only users and the public. AxisGIS Editor includes functions for selecting features by attribute querying or drawing on the map, exporting features to a CSV file and buffering features to select nearby properties and produce an Excel report and PDF mailing labels. Data editing tools include drawing lines (including free hand), points and polygons as well as the ability move, rotate and switch direction. As with all of our online services, AxisGIS Editor includes an initial training session as well as ongoing technical support.